High Phenolic Olive Oil is a distinct and relatively new category of olive oil essentially identified by the EU Health Claim Regulation 432–2012 and, while this question is simple, the answer is complex. It’s a matter apples and oranges… er, rather, molecules.

Photo Credit: Elsemargriet on Pixabay.

How a native son of Greece returned home in the middle of the economic crisis and found his passion creating the only exclusive high phenolic olive oil and olive awards based on health and verified by science.

There is an abundance of advice on the Internet about storing olive oil — keep it cool or use it quickly. No secret there, but what about the gap between the grower and you?

This is particularly critical with high phenolic olive oil.

High Phenolic Olive Oil with Health Protective Polyphenols

Esthique Natural Products

Aristoleo would like to credit this artist!

What is high phenolic olive oil, anyway?

Photo Credit: Heather Shevlin on Unsplash

Eat well.

Marilyn Harding

Living and Loving the Holistic Life — Passionate about High Phenolic EVOO for Health! Artemis Alliance Inc., Aristoleo Ltd., Aristoleo North America.

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